About AFPE


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What is AFPE?

AFPE is the Association of Fairfax Professional Educators. We are COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE in education. We believe that all students benefit from the enhanced professionalism of educators. We promote the following principles:

Empowerment of Teachers Through Shared Decision-Making

  • Support team, department and site-based management

  • Participate in developing both school and system-wide goals and objectives

  • Participate in the school accreditation process

Continuation of a Rigorous Evaluation System for all Educators

  • Promote formal and informal mentoring of educators

  • Increase resources and time for professional development

Establishment of Competitive Salaries and Benefits for all Educators

  • Support pay for performance
  • Allow a choice from a menu of fringe benefits

  • Increase resources and time for instructional preparation

  • Support reduction of class size